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Swooning over Ryan's beefcake biceps? Breathless from rofl'ing at Stuart's antics? Or just interested in seeing how the band go about their business? If you weren't before, you probably still aren't. But, give us a chance and indulge our vanity - you've heard the music, now see the fingers, hands and lips behind it now DI has gone multimedia!

Exordium - Released August 2015, Exordium is a recollection of the band's journey over 9 years from it's inception as a thrash-punk something-or-other to how you see them before you today, made up of every video clip and picture they could lay their hands on. From early beginnings in high school to professionally recording their latest Proving Ground EP, the band members give a raw run-down on each other, their experiences in the band to date, among other priceless nuggets of useless information! A feature-length mockumentary, laughs are guaranteed as you delve into the roots of the band as told by the band themselves. Available as a download, and in DVD and Bluray disc formats.